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Ancient Aptera Tour

Platanias Taxi Tours: Ancient Aptera Tour Chania

3hours Round Trip

Taxi 1-4 persons | Minibus 5-8 persons

During your holiday in Crete join Platanias Taxi Tour to Ancient Aptera at Chania Crete. Above the entrance to the great harbor of Souda, where Paleokastro stands today near the village of Megala Chorafia, the extensive ruins of the ancient city of Aptera (also referred to as Apteria, Apterea, or Aptaria) can be found. The name Aptera, according to one tradition, derives from Apteron, king of Crete, son of Kydon and father of Lappios, who is said to have lived in the time of Moses around 1800 BC. The legend of Apteron lends itself to the suggestion that the city was once a colonial settlement governed by the Dorian Apteros or Aptaros who took part in the occupation of Crete towards the end of the Minoan era.


Ancient Aptera Tour Taxi: 75 € Minibus: 105 €

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Ancient Aptera

Castle Paliokastro

Google Map: Aptera, Chania, Greece

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