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The Beach of Seitan Limania

The beach of Seitan Limania is located in the northeast side of Chania, just 20 km from the city centre. The name is turkish and the beach is named after the dangerousness of the tides of the area. The beach is also known as the Devilport. Through the breathtaking scenery with the steef rocks and the wild beauty of the nature you can spot the beach with the sky blue waters and the pebble-sand. The sea is quite deep, but the waters are usually calm. If you prefer not to find the beach overcrowded, it is better that you visit it in the low season.

Seitan Limania Beach, photo by Stavros Kastrinakis

Seitan Limania is one of the most beloved places of Crete and the last 5 years has become a very famous destination. The beauty of the place leaves even the most demanding visitor satisfied.

The experienced canyoners attempt to descend through the Gorge of Diplochachalon. After 1 – 1,5 hour of rappeling, the rocky scenery with the smell of thyme in the air feels like heaven. The height of the biggest waterfall is 38 meters and only a few people are aware of the aknown cave in the middle of the gorge, which is about 20 meters long and very fine naturally decorated.

Seitan Limania from above, photo by Katarman

Our driver can leave you on the road, where all vehicles can be parked, and you can approach the beach through a short path. Our company can arrange the transfer back to your hotel, as long as you call us just 1 hour before. It is considered a good idea that visitors wear hiking boots or athletic shoes, for the path is rocky, steep and dangerous to be crossed on flip flops or sandals.

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Amazing Seitan Limania beach

Amazing Seitan Limania beach, photo by mike mike

*Head photo by Petros Vamvounakis

Google Map: Seitan Limania, Akrotiri, Chania, Greece


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