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Platanias Village, Chania

Platanias Village

The most popular tourist resort of West Crete!

Platanias Village seaside is located 11km west of Chania, Crete. The area has been developed so much that, now, is a suburb of Chania. The village is built on a hill, offering fantastic sea views. Platanias is ideal for those who want to spend their holidays by the sea. One of the longest beaches in Crete extends east and west of Platanias and reaches the 7 km in length.


Platanias may seem to you noisy and with lots of hassle, especially if you have already spent some holidays in a less tourist part of Crete. However, you can be sure that you will never be bored! On summer evenings, the area is flooded with people, Greeks and foreigners, who have fun until the morning comes! Nightlife, bars, restaurants, a long sandy beach and countless hotels that lie in Platanias are the main features of the region, which is one of the most popular tourist resorts in Chania.

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Platanias village, Crete, is among the areas in Chania that features almost everything travelers may need. Specifically, in the area, you will find:  souvenir and other kind of shops selling really nice things such as clothes, decoration stuff, paintings and pottery, as well as beauty services, like massage and fish spa. You will also find a variety of cafes, restaurants, taverns and fast food points. Of course, we should not forget the all-day beach bars & pool bars. Those bars organize various events and parties almost every day, where you will find lots of people having fun.

Where to stay in Platanias, Crete

Haven’t you yet decided where to stay in Platanias? Take a look at what Cretico offers for accommodation in Platanias. You may choose among a variety of holiday villas with private pool, either luxury or more traditional. Most of them are located in the inner land of Platanias village, offering wonderful views to the mountains and the sea. So, probably, you will need a car in order to be able to reach the center of Platanias and its beach and explore the areas around. But don’t worry, you will not need to drive more than 2-5 min. to get to the center of Platanias from your villa.


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Platanias beach is suitable for youth as well as families!

Platanias beach is a lovely huge beach, featuring all the tourist facilities. It is a really well-organized beach with cozy sunbeds, umbrellas, showers, canteens, beach bars, water sports, e.t.c. When it is windy and you are looking for more safety, you can enjoy swimming east of the local harbor, near Agia Marina. There, you will find many artificial creeks, which provide bigger protection from the waves. Alternatively, if you like adventure, you may try various water sports at the beach of Platanias, like surfing.

Platanias beach

This is a guest post written by Cretico’s local travel experts. Visit Cretico blog to learn everything you need to know about your holidays in Crete: popular tourist resorts, trip ideas and activities, amazing beaches, e.t.c. As for accommodation, Cretico offers over 470 villas with private pool all over Crete, responding to all tastes. Follow Cretico on Facebook or Twitter.


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